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ieffects puts your business ahead. ieffects technology delivers exceptional speed and ensures that apps retain their high-performance when offline.

No-one in e-commerce can afford to neglect mobile. Even when optimized for mobile, most online shopping sites and apps still fall way short of customer expectations. It has been demonstrated that over 50% of users will abandon a purchase if pages take too long to load. This has a lasting negative effect on brands.

ieffects guarantees a response time of 0.3 seconds for each interaction. This means you can be sure that your customers always get the best shopping experience, no matter how good or bad their internet connection.

User Experience (UX)

Designed for an optimized user experience, the interface makes it quick and easy to place orders using a mobile device. This minimises the number of uncompleted transactions and instantly increases sales.

The front-runner in m-commerce technology

ieffects Synchro Server

Based on innovative data synchronization techniques, ieffects technology makes it efficient to permanently store data on mobile devices. Screens display instantly with no more waiting for pages to load. The search function returns incremental results immediately and is not dependent on internet connectivity in any way. Your customers benefit from a great service, whether they are online or offline.

  • High Performance
  • UX optimised Design
  • Offline capacity
  • Instant search results online and offline
  • Powerful scanner by camera
  • Track & trace
  • Support of beacon technologie
  • Synchronized shopping carts from desktop to mobile devices
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Urs Martimanaging director of ieffects