Gemüsezentrale Tägerwilen

90% of GZT’s customers are using the “Gemüsezentrale” app. With the introduction of the ieffects app in 2014 as a new sales channel, GZT took a giant leap forward in their digitalization. After just one year, 70% of all orders were placed via the app and turnover was increased by 18% in absolute terms. The app won bronze in the Business category at the “2014 Best of Swiss Apps awards.” Today, the user-friendly B2B app is an inherent part of the daily ordering routine.

The user of the app – often a chef – appreciates that the ordering tool can also be used efficiently in the basement and in cooling rooms. The app is not just an order tool. It is also a marketing and information channel. New products, promotions or even occasions can be placed exactly at the right time: during the order process.

The app was initially launched under the name “iChauf”. In 2017 it was expanded and relaunched under the name “Gemüsezentrale”.

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