High Performance
M-Commerce Applications


Always there, always up-to-date – always ready to order. Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days. Take advantage of this powerful sales channel and increase your sales.

Personalization of all devices

Our high-performance applications enable omni-channel solutions with direct interaction. Thanks to the digital fingerprint of your customer,  you can always join every purchase decision.

Unparalleled user friendliness allows our customers to enjoy increased sales of over 30% compared to classic mobile apps, and absolute gains of over 20%.

Realtime Shopping App

Customers love the fast start-up times and barely noticeable response times that give them such rapid interactions with the app. Whether you sell 100,000 items or 250,000, your customer always has direct access to product information for each one. With no time wasted waiting for pages to load, the number of uncompleted transactions is significantly reduced.

ieffects for mobil customers

Thanks to ieffects, a smartphone becomes the shop that your customer always has in his pocket. Customer can browse and place orders whenever the need arises. Orders can be processed immediately, making the ordering process more efficient and customer-friendly. With ieffects’ sophisticated user experience, mobile devices are transformed into professional purchasing tools.

Scopes of application

Scopes of Applications ieffects

Outstanding Customer Experience

Your customers can reorder in an instant by using their smartphone camera as a barcode scanner. Whether they are online or offline, customers can access the entire range of products, including stock levels, delivery times and catalogues. Key functions like scanning, track-and-trace, and support for beacon systems can be tailored to your processes. Operation is totally intuitive and requires no prior knowledge on the part of your customers. These simplified processes represent genuine added value.

M-commerce with strategy and 360 ° view on your customer

We would be delighted to show you how m-commerce opportunities can benefit your business. We can also advise you on an effective m-commerce strategy. Working together, we will identify the best-in-class m-commerce performance application for your needs and support you actively every step of the way.

  • Instant search results online and offline
  • Powerful scanner by camera
  • Track & trace
  • Support of beacon technologie
  • Synchronized shopping carts from desktop to mobile devices
  • M-commerce applications for B2B and B2C
  • Flexible framework
  • Direct sales promotion

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